Patreon launch slightly delayed

(EDIT: My Patreon is now live!)

While I had originally planned to launch my Patreon today, it is not quite ready yet. I'm still working on the finer details of my reward tiers plus I have a lot of old projects to track down. One of the rewards I'll be offering on one of my tiers is access to every unreleased project I've ever worked on (as long as I still have the files). Most of my music projects are organized in one giant folder but I have other projects scattered throughout my various hard drives. I want to have a large number of these projects gathered up before I launch my Patreon.

And there's more projects hiding elsewhere on my computer too!

This will take a bit but it will help me find projects I want to revisit plus it will give all of my patrons plenty of things to listen to and play with on day one. If you become a patron, you'll get access to these projects under CC BY-SA 4.0. More on this decision and my Patreon later! :D

(EDIT: I've decided not to offer my unreleased projects because I only want to released finished things to the world. Sure, that could mean chopping up audio from a cancelled project and repackaging it as a sample pack but it will be a FINISHED sample pack. No worries though. Patrons still get exclusive access to sneak peeks of my upcoming projects.)

This article was updated on December 29, 2019