Patreon launch announcement

After pondering this for way too many months now, I finally decided I'm launching my Patreon on Sunday, December 15th. (EDIT: Took me a few more weeks but my Patreon is now live.) With the variety of things I do and the stress that I experience when I end up rushing something out that feels unfinished, Patreon seems like a breath of fresh air. Do I have specific monetary goals here? Only to slowly start making money from my creative processes. I absolutely LOVE my current day job and I currently have zero plans to leave it. That said, I'm currently living with my parents with no ability to pay actual rent and no emergency funds. I gotta change that. Pateron will hopefully help.

What on earth am I going to share through Patreon? Anything! Everything! Nothing in particular! Whatever creative stuff I do is fair game: music, sounds, games, circuit bending, custom electronics, glitch art, physical art, etc. I haven't decided what all the tiers and rewards will look like but the lowest tier will be $1 per month. Every little bit will help!

Keep an eye on my social media to get the link as soon as I go live. (EDIT: Click the link above!) Whatever you like: this blog, Facebook (personal profile only for now), Twitter, or Instagram.

This article was updated on December 29, 2019